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The Wolverine is a GDI anti-infantry mech in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm.


The Powered Assault Armor or "Wolverine" is a small, eight to nine foot bipedal unit that is piloted by a single soldier. Fast and agile, these lightly armored suits excel at suppression fire and in light skirmishes. Handling large groups of enemy infantry is no problem for a squad of these troopers[1].


Wolverines were widely mass produced during the Second Tiberium War. However, they were produced and utilized by GDI against Nod troops in minor skirmishes as early as 2023.[2]

The Wolverine was phased out of service following the Firestorm Crisis along with most other GDI walkers, though a newer variant was used by the Steel Talons experimental combat unit. It could be considered the predecessor to the power armors used by Zone Troopers and Zone Raiders[3].

Game unit

The Wolverine is a relatively fast vehicle, and is unharmed by the veins of Veinholes, making it an ideal scouting unit. It is effective against most infantry, though less effective against anti-armor infantry due to its thin armor. Its miniguns can take on light vehicles, but are far less effective against armored units, such as tanks and cyborgs. The Wolverine is also defenseless against aircraft.



In mech attack cinematic 1
In mech attack cinematic 2

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