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WorldBuilder TiberiumWars.png
Developer EA Los Angeles
Latest version 2.0 (TW - 24 August 2007)
1.1 (KW - 27 September 2008)
Release date 20 April 2007 (TW)
2008 (KW)
Platforms Windows
Requirements Tiberium Wars
Kane's Wrath

The Worldbuilder is the official map editor for Tiberium Wars, with a separate version released for Kane's Wrath. Like its predecessors, maps were created in an in-engine environment, allowing full control over the landscape.

The Kane's Wrath version 1.1 requires patch 1.01 or newer.


The Kane's Wrath Worldbuilder version 1.0 had a splash screen themed to the Tiberium Wars beta stage, and was distributed on the game's disc. The icon for both versions has the number 3 from the beta Tiberium Wars logo.


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