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XWIS logo.png
Developer Olaf van der Spek
Strike Team
Release date 2003
Platforms Windows

XWIS (short for eXtended Westwood Internet Server) is a community-run multiplayer service which allows people to play Westwood Studios' titles online. It is an imitation of the original Westwood Online server and was shifted to community control by Electronic Arts in 2005. It has been sponsored by the German branch of Electronic Arts since.


The server mimics most of Westwood Online features and requires no third party tool to connect to XWIS. An account needs to be created in the XWIS Control Panel, after which nicknames need to be formed and assigned to serial keys. The exceptions are Tiberian Sun, which users can play unranked without a serial key (due to the game's freeware nature), and Renegade.

While all the core features of Westwood Online are there, and some elements were fixed (such as a fixed 640x480 resolution in ladder matches), the XWIS team does not possess the code for the World Domination modes featured in Firestorm, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Also, the server does not support Sole Survivor.

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  • XCC Utilities - set of tools for Command & Conquer modding, also developed by Olaf van der Spek

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