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Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Xiao "Taskmaster" Ri is an APA general that appeared in the cancelled Command & Conquer (Generals 2). He was the basic general for the APA faction.


Xiao Ri is the foremost General in the APA army. He is an experienced military leader who rose to prominence during the period depicted in Generals 1, leading the occupation and pacification of a GLA-blighted Europe. In peacetime, Xiao became a key figure in the formation of the Asia-Pacific Alliance, suppressing dissent, driving rebels from APA lands and keeping the peace at any cost. His actions allowed the initially fragile coalition to solidify into the global superpower it is today.



Base Defense

Support Powers



  • Taskmaster's background information subtly implies he may have been the player general of the original Generals and Zero Hour Chinese campaigns.
  • The Chinese characters "亚太联盟少将" (meaning Asia-Pacific Alliance Major General) are visible on his suit. That means he is a 1-star Chinese General, because the general military ranks of former/current socialist countries is slightly different from the Western ones, for example:
    • In Socialist countries:
      • 1-star: Major General (少将, Thiếu tướng, literally means "Junior General")
      • 2-star: Lieutenant General (中将, Trung tướng, literally means "Medium General")
      • 3-star: Colonel General (上将, Thượng tướng, literally means "High General". This is the higest rank in the current China PR)
      • 4-star: Army General (大将, Đại tướng, literally means "Great General". Not available in current China PR)
      • 5-star: Marshal (元帥, Nguyên soái, not available in current China PR and Vietnam. It existed in China PR from 1955 to 1965.)
    • In Western countries:
      • 1-star: Brigandier General (准将, Chuẩn tướng, literally means "Standard General")
      • 2-star: Major General (少将, Thiếu tướng)
      • 3-star: Lieutenant General (中将, Trung tướng)
      • 4-star: Army General (大将, Đại tướng)
      • 5-star: Marshal (統制, Thống chế) in Europe, or General of the Army (統将, Thống tướng) in the US and former South Vietnam.

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