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The Yak is an attack plane used by the Soviets during the Second World War.


Sometimes called the “Infantry Eraser”, the Yak fires in strafing runs, swooping down on groups of marching infantry, potentially destroying them all in a single run. The Yak is not that fast, making it an easy target for Allied Rocket Soldiers – those that actually survive the first strafing run. After the war the Yak was not seen afterwards.[1]

Game unit

Slower and less armored than a MiG, the Yak is armed with machine guns to take out infantry. They're also great for clearing mine fields - simply force-fire on a section of ground, and the Yak will destroy any mines in the area. The Yak has to be reloaded at an airfield after they attack.

As is the case with all flying units, AA Guns, SAM sites and Rocket soldiers should be taken out before sending Yaks.

Using Heavy tanks as a distraction when using Yaks to attack other buildings is a good idea since the Heavy tanks will attack the defensive units and keep them occupied while the Yaks attack all the outside buildings. Note that while Heavy tanks can be used to destroy an AA Gun make sure it is destroyed before the Yak gets close enough to be engaged as it won't last long against an active AA Gun.

Yaks are available starting mission Lesson in Blood.



DOS English French German
RA DOS Yak icon.png RA1 Yak Icons.gif RA Yak FR cameo.png RA Yak DE cameo.png


Yaks on an airfield
Yaks committing genocide in Toruń, Poland
A Yak shot down by an AA gun
A Yak attacking Rangers


  • The Yak is portrayed by the Yak-3 or Yak-9 in the in-game sprite and the build icon.


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