GDI's Juggernauts in the decaying urban areas of a Yellow Zone

...Yellow Zones are dangerously contaminated but contain most of the world's population. Decades of war and civil unrest have left these regions in a state of social collapse. The Brotherhood of Nod operates virtually unchallenged in these Zones. They take advantage of the chaos to recruit members and disguise their military infrastructure...
- GDI EVA Briefing, 2047

Yellow Zones are inhabited regions which suffer from severe environmental deterioration and complete social collapse as a consequence of widespread Tiberium infestation, extreme changes in weather patterns caused by Tiberium radiation, and decades of war and civil unrest. Despite their ever worsening conditions, Yellow Zones still contained most of the world's population by 2047, and covered roughly half of the Earth's total landmass.

Cities in the most afflicted areas in these zones were run by warlords and criminal organizations or had degenerated into anarchy. Many other areas were controlled by the Brotherhood of Nod, though some cities, particularly those situated in close proximity to the Blue Zones, acted as staging areas and frontline bases for GDI. As a result, conditions in the latter cities tended to be better than those in the "worst off" Yellow Zones. Climatic conditions in Yellow Zone areas near the edges of Red Zones, where Ion Storms would often cross over, were close to uninhabitable.

The infrastructure of the Yellow Zones tended to be old and decayed, but some areas, such as Rio de Janeiro, were better-off. Many buildings were near collapse and were unfit for habitation. Power and running water were erratic at best; food and medical supplies were scarce. Humanitarian workers, visiting from the pristine and high tech Blue Zones, on a few occasions provided food or medical care.

Due to years of war and strife, the zones were full of abandoned military hardware and crates as well as once important structures, such as EMP Control Centers and Tiberium Spikes, which were abandoned and subsequently used by both factions during the Third Tiberium War.

Most support to the Yellow Zone populations was provided by the members of the Brotherhood of Nod, who provided them with food, health services, education and shelter. As Nod presented Tiberium as a blessing rather than a curse, and worked hard to improve the lives of ordinary people, the general population tended to support Nod rather than GDI. Furthermore, Nod propaganda stated that GDI redrew the international borderlines not based on the level of Tiberium infestation but rather where Nod followers were known to be residing. It was in the Yellow Zones that Nod did most of its recruitment, training and research before the Third Tiberium War.

The harsh reality of Yellow Zone life included more than Tiberium infestation. If Tiberium didn’t kill people, then they were likely to get caught in the crossfire between warlords clashing over turf or become a collateral damage statistic in the world war between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod (as well as between humans and the Scrin when the latter arrived).

After the liquid Tiberium bomb incident in 2047 certain Yellow Zones were transformed into uninhabitable Red Zones. The most famous example of this was the Southeastern European Yellow Zone in the aforementioned incident; another was the obliteration of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, by the Scrin.

Yellow zones (after 2047)

Yellow Zones
Y-1: Central Asia (designation was assigned to Eastern Europe until 2047)
Y-2: North Africa
Y-3: Malaysia ,India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines
Y-4: Western Australia, Queensland
Y-5: South east South America
Y-6: North North America, Canada
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