Yu Hyun Jung

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Gen2 Gameicon.png
Yu Hyun Jung
"The Ghost Blade"
Gen2 Yu Hyun Jung Portrait.png
Affiliation Asia-Pacific Alliance
  • Commando
  • Elite sniper
Armament CS/LR 4 Sniper Rifle(?)
Tier 3
Build time 0:32
Produced by Barracks
Requires Research Lab
Command Center tier 3
May be built once at a time per faction
Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Gen2 Yu Hyun Jung Portrait.png

Yu Hyun Jung a.k.a. The Ghost Blade is the Asia-Pacific Alliance's commando unit expected to appear in Generals 2. She specializes as a marksman.


Anti-material ammo.png
Anti-material Munition Destroyed light and medium-sized vehicles and heavily damage the heavy one.
EMP Grenade Stuns the enemy vehicles within range for a few seconds.
Pyro Grenade Ignites a firestorm in the area of ​​effect, dealing damage to all units permanently.
Camouflage icon.png
Camouflage Unit is cloaked until it opens fire
Hold Fire icon.png
Hold Fire Selected units stops firing and does not fire again unless commanded.
Drug Injector (Passive) Enables the unit to heal itself, while it is out of combat.


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