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Yugoslavia was a country in Eastern Europe. For relations between its in-game incarnations and real world counterpart, see Site stances on specific cases.

Red Alert universe[]

During the Second World War, Yugoslavia was initially affiliated with the Allies.[1]

RAR Soviets Logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert and might contradict canon.

In the Soviet campaign of Red Alert, a supply convoy was under attack by the Allies in on the Croatian coast, belonging to Yugoslavia at the time.[2]


The aftermath was unknown, as Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 3 maps all show Yugoslavia dissolved. The FR Yugoslavia, consisting of Serbia and Montenegro, was under Soviet occupation along with most other Eastern European countries by the time of the first iteration of the Third World War.[3]

Tiberium universe[]

In Tiberian Dawn, Yugoslavia appears as its later variety, FR Yugoslavia, consisted only of Serbia and Montenegro (1992-2006). However, on the Eastern Europe map in Tiberium Wars, the two countries are still merged for an unknown reason.

The messiah, Kane forced Yugoslavia to join the Brotherhood of Nod, possibly because of its proximity with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the original Temple of Nod was located. The unstable region proved ideal for conscripting new fanatics.

The first mission held there was to destroy a bio-research laboratory that is to launch chemical attacks across all of Europe, but Kane was absent at the time of this attack. General Mark Sheppard later advised James Solomon not to worry about Kane since the attack on the laboratory in Niš and told him to go near Belgrade to destroy a large Nod convoy heading back to Sarajevo. The two missions were proven to be successful for the Global Defense Initiative.

By the Third Tiberium War, the territory of former Yugoslavia was a part of the Yellow Zone Y-1. The region later turned into a Red Zone due to the liquid Tiberium explosion in Sarajevo following the siege on Temple Prime.


  • Although Yugoslavia was dissolved into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and FR Yugoslavia by the events of Tiberian Dawn, it is highlighted as a whole in the briefing for Eviction Notice in Tiberian Sun, while being shown as dissolved again in the subsequent map screen and Tiberium Wars.
  • The FR Yugoslavia, which changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro in 2003, further broke up into Montenegro and Serbia in 2006. However, on the Eastern Europe map in Tiberium Wars, released in March 2007, the two countries are still merged.

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