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This article is about the character. For other uses of "Yuri", see Yuri.

The human brain is a Pandora's box of electrical charges we can only begin to understand. Most brains are but receivers; however, some are advanced, sending and receiving charges as they choose.
- Yuri(src)

Yuri (Russian: Юрий) is a powerful psychic that was once Premier Romanov's chief advisor and later turned against the world in a bid to take over with his secretly organized personal army. Most likely, he, not Romanov, was the true ruler of the USSR during the Third World War.

His appearance bears an uncanny resemblance to Vladimir Lenin and Kane, with a bald head and goatee. On his forehead, the Hebrew letters "resh" (ר), "vav" (ו), and "yod" (י) are tattooed. A band of psychic stimulators is surgically implanted into his skull, and connected to a psi collar underneath his clothes.

Professor Albert Einstein translated a Soviet poster for Agent Tanya at one point, on it was a reference to Yuri as hostis humani generis, Latin for "the enemy of mankind".[2]


Yuri and Stalin

Yuri with his protector Stalin

Yuri commands his forces from his ancestral home in... Transylvania!
He is like monster from movies, yes!?

- Alexander Romanov(src)

Much of Yuri's past remains unknown. He is of Romanian ancestry and inherited a castle in Transylvania from his family.[3] During the Second World War, he took part in Stalin's secret project, whose aim was to create an army of psychically-gifted soldiers to guarantee victory. However, the war ended with the Soviet Union's defeat and Stalin's death, although this likely did not stop Yuri, who single-handedly continued it. It is possible that his implant is the original World War II model initially created by Soviet scientists.

Following the war, Yuri joined Premier Romanov, whom he helped in rearming the USSR, developing psychic technology and forming the backbone of the Psychic Corps.

Third World War[]

This is my Psychic beacon. With it, we can send any message we want. We will construct this device everywhere. In the end, the Americans will be ours. Mind, body, and if you'd like, soul.
- Yuri(src)

Yuri played a key part in both the preparation and execution of the Soviet invasion of the USA, using his mind-control technology to prevent nuclear retaliation,[4] and later to turn the American population into mindless slaves via giant Psychic beacons.

During the war, little was seen of Yuri from the Allied side, although the Allied commanders knew that he was a key advisor to Romanov, and few ventured to guess that his influence on Romanov was more than just that of an advisor. As Moscow fell, he disappeared for a time.

Although Yuri himself did not join combat during the Third World War in any of the campaigns, there existed a number of units bearing his name. These 'Psi-Corps troopers' (referred to as 'Yuris' in multiplayer) had an uncanny resemblance to Yuri himself, later proven to be his clones.

Alternate fate[]

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

When the Soviets were marching against the Allies, Yuri appeared sympathetic to an up-and-coming Soviet commander after General Vladmir took credit for the commander's victory in Florida. Yuri grew increasingly impressed with the commander's skills and began sending him on important missions. However, he later assassinated Premier Romanov using mind-control and declared himself the premier. Yuri also dismissed general Vladimir, who was leader of the Red Navy and put this function in charge of the Commander.

After the Soviet Commander successfully defeated the Allied navy in Pearl Harbor, Yuri accused general Vladimir of the murder of Romanov. Vladimir was later captured by the naive Commander.

After the destruction of the Weather Control Device in the US Virgin Islands, Yuri realised that the commander was proving "even more tenacious than he thought" and managed to invite the Commander to Moscow to "congratulate" him for his success personally. However the Commander found out what Yuri did to Romanov and assaulted the Kremlin with a huge army. Despite Yuri's taunts and the very great threat posed by his Psychic Corps he was killed by the collapse of the building.

The Soviets went on to secure the rest of the world for themselves, destroying the last Allied stronghold in Alaska that housed the Chronosphere. The Soviet Commander soon became the new Premier.

Shortly after his victory, he inexplicably heard the voice of Yuri in his mind...[5]

It would have been good to see inside your mind General. I still may get a chance...
- Yuri(src)

Psychic Dominator Disaster[]

Yuri's Faction Logo

Yuri's faction logo

Yuri: "Why should I be content to lead one nation, when I can control the whole world, 'Mr. President?"
Dugan: "You can't threaten us. We are the most powerful nation on Earth. We did win the war, you know."
Yuri: "Did you, indeed? I think not."

- Yuri refuses Dugan offer to lead the USSR(src)

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Yuri had stolen Soviet cloning technology; using it to create a number of clones. However, to protect himself from any clone plotting against him, Yuri engineered his clones to have inferior psychic abilities. Yuri himself was seen on the battlefield once or twice; he stood upon a hovering platform which rendered him immune to being trampled, and allowed him to cross over water. His powers were so well developed that he could mind control entire enemy structures, through the personnel within.

After the Allies had finally defeated Romanov's forces through a surprise Chronosphere invasion of Moscow, Yuri resurfaced. However, he had abandoned his former employers, and revealed that during the war, he had raised an army of his own and a planned to take over the world with mind-controlling Psychic Dominators in specific points all over the world. Yuri personally contacted President Dugan to gloat over this plan. Dugan originally tried to dissuade Yuri with an amnesty offer and leadership of Russia, however, Yuri preferred to rule the entire world over one country. At that point President Dugan ordered an airstrike which failed to destroy the Dominator in San Francisco, but damaged the nearby nuclear power plant providing power to the machine, allowing some Allied and Soviet command centers to avoid falling under Yuri's control. However, an overwhelming majority of humanity succumbed to Yuri's dominance permanently.

Albert Einstein invented a new time machine which allowed the Allies to travel back to a point in time when the Dominators were incomplete. They destroyed most of Yuri's bases and, after convincing the Soviets that Yuri was an enemy of everyone on the planet, the Allies and Soviets took up arms against Yuri together.


Yuri: "I am YURI! You will OBEY!"
Prison guard: "Now you behave, or there will be no dessert tonight!"

- Yuri being imprisoned in the Psychic Isolation Chamber(src)

After his final defeat in Antarctica, in the Allied account Yuri was captured and put into a Psychic Isolation Chamber, which was used to strip him of his mind control abilities. As General Carville put it best: "He won't be able to mind control a fly.". He would have stayed in his chamber for the rest of his life, had there not been the merging of the timelines caused by the time-travel...

Alternate fate[]

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.
Yuri's Castle

Artwork of Yuri's castle in Transylvania

Soviets used Einstein's time machine to revert the disaster and to punish Yuri by Soviet hands. After destroying the Chronosphere to prevent the war-ending chrono-attack, Moscow then fought against Yuri and his uncompleted Dominators.

It appeared that Yuri had a base on the Moon where he'd stay after the successful Psychic Dominator Disaster. However the base was destroyed, thus Yuri had to retreat to his ancestral family castle in Transylvania.

The castle was guarded by Yuri's forces as well as bases of Allies and Soviets loyal to him due to the fact that they were under control of his old, operational Psychic beacons. Fortunately, the beacons were destroyed and the castle, surrounded from all sides, was an easy target for the Red Army.

However, Yuri still had one surprise. Under the ruins of the structure he had a time machine, the same one which the Soviets used to revert the Psychic Domination Disaster. Yuri wanted to time-travel back in past to revert the reverting of Psychic Dominator Disaster. He was just commencing time-travel with tense: "The world will be mine to Command and Conquer."

However, Zofia used the machine command-codes to overload its circuits. Instead of landing at his intended destination, he is stranded in the Cretaceous period and presumably killed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Game unit[]

Yuri Prime[]

Yuri himself appears in Yuri's Revenge as Yuri Prime, where he fills the role as the Yuri hero, much like Tanya or Boris.

A unit with the same name existed in the original Red Alert 2, but with a weaker performance and unexplained background.

Military strength[]


The Mastermind, Yuri's mind control technology on wheels.

Main article: Yuri (faction)

"Yuri" sometimes refers to the army under Yuri's command rather than the man himself.

Yuri was the leader of a very versatile and efficient army. Yuri and his mad scientists conducted secret researches which resulted in great scientific advances, which Yuri exploited to the full.

Yuri relied on mind-control, cloning, advanced magnetic weapons, and laser technology, as well as speed, maneuverability and flexibility to bring him victory on the battlefield.

Among the players, Yuri's faction is considered both unbalanced and overpowered. Although he does not have as many units as his enemies, those that he possesses are very easy to mass early in the game, such as the Boomer submarine.



Red Alert 2 behind the scenes with Udo Kier
GameSpot's 2001 interview with Udo Kier

Selected quotes[]

No, comrade Premier. It has only begun.
- Yuri to Alexander Romanov in the intro to Red Alert 2
Why should I be content to lead one nation... if I can control the whole world, Mr. President?"
- Yuri to Michael Dugan in the intro to Yuri's Revenge
No tricks, Mr. President. In a few moments, I will unleash a tidal wave of psychic energy designed to dominate the minds of the entire planet. There will be no more free will, only my will.
- Yuri to Michael Dugan in the intro to Yuri's Revenge
We fight a life or death struggle against the powers of capitalism. Only complete faith in Yuri can protect you. Only total compliance will save the lives of you and your family. Empty your mind, and submit to my will. The less you know, the better off you will be. I am Yuri.. obey me.
- Yuri's mind control propaganda in the intro to Operation: Hollywood and Vain (Yuri's Revenge)

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
We both know the truth, comrade. Just because Vladimir can retreat to Moscow more quickly does not mean that he should take all the credit, right? But no matter. Let me share something with you. The human brain is a Pandora's box of electrical charges we can only begin to understand. Most brains are but receivers; however, some are advanced, sending and receiving charges as they choose. This is my Psychic Beacon. With it, we can send any message we want. We will construct this device everywhere. In the end, the Americans will be ours: mind, body, and if you'd like, soul. Comrade, begin the psychic invasion in New York City. A victory there could not possibly escape Romanov's eyes.
- Yuri to Soviet Commander in the intro to Operation: Big Apple (Red Alert 2)
But the fools have left their homelands exposed. Show them the meaning of Soviet irony. Invade Paris and use our Tesla technology to short-circuit their plans.
- Yuri to Soviet Commander in the intro to Operation: City of Lights (Red Alert 2)
It appears that our general is unhappy. Pity. We have work to do, general. The Allied Pacific fleet gathers near Hawaii. You are to destroy the Allied fleet at Pearl Harbor and establish a new presence for us.
- Yuri to Soviet Commander the intro to Operation: Sub-Divide (Red Alert 2)
Generals, soldiers, comrades... it is a sad day. Premier Alexander Romanov, who is so recently ridden in bed, has been brutally murdered by general Vladimir. As of this moment, 9:15, the evening, general Vladimir is a "non-person" and is refuse to be collected. I sense that he is held up in the White House, home of the corrupt. Capture the White House, and find this "non-person". Then you can erase him as we have already erased his name.
- Yuri to Soviet Commander in the intro to Operation: Desecration (Red Alert 2)
I think it is time we had a talk, you and I. When the Soviet Union was new, there were those of us that Stalin turned to for our particular skills. We were trained to submit minds to our will. This is Stalin's psychic legacy. I tell you this, because you are too smart not to be curious. We have a situation. That odd little man Einstein has provide the Allies with a device that harnesses the energy from storm clouds overhead. Almost whimsical, but effective. Destroy this device with the nuclear missiles I will provide you, and get our forces moving again.
- Yuri to Soviet Commander in the intro to Operation: Weathered Alliance (Red Alert 2)
Comrade general, you have proven to be even more tenacious than I thought. What a great threat you are to your enemies. Do me this favour, grace me with your presence in Moscow so I may thank you in person.
- Yuri to Soviet Commander in the intro to Operation: Red Revolution (Red Alert 2)
It would have been good to see inside your mind, General. I still may get the chance...
- Yuri's voice at the Soviet ending of Red Alert 2

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.
It's too late, comrade. The entire world, and all of its history, is mine to command and conquer!
- Yuri (Yuri's Revenge)

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, the Yuriko Omega of the Empire of the Rising Sun is basically and essentially a female destructive version of Yuri, namely his Prime and Clone types. The 'ko' suffix at the end of her name is a traditional addition that basically means 'Daughter of'. Essentially this makes Yuriko's name mean 'Daughter of Yuri'. In a live chat with the development team however, the developers stated that: "The only relation Yuriko has to Yuri is 'in spirit'. And that they share four letters."[6]
  • Outside of the Command and Conquer series, Yuri is referenced in the multiplayer game Team Fortress 2, by Valve Corporation, where a patch released in 2014 allowed the heavy weapons guy to be customized with a community made cosmetic item that resembles very heavily to Yuri's facial hair. The item is even titled "Yuri's Revenge".
  • In one of the storyline drafts of the cancelled Command & Conquer 3: Incursion by Westwood Studios, Yuri supposed to be a result of Kane's psychic research, thrown back in time via chrono vortex when GDI inadvertently activated the original Chronosphere from the times of the Second World War, stored in Area 51, when fighting with Nod. This would have made the Red Alert 2 storyline another branch of the timeline.
  • The character of Yuri could be based on Wolf Messing, a self-proclaimed Polish psychic who claimed to have met with Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Josef Stalin, with whom he allegedly performed several successful mental experiments, such as obtaining 10,000 ruble from an unknowing bank assistant or making his way into Stalin's office by hypnotising his guards.
  • The photo of Yuri with Stalin is a modified version of the photo of Stalin and Lenin, with Lenin's face being replaced by Yuri's.
    • Interestingly the picture it is based on is a doctored photo. Historically, Stalin needed to legitimize his claim on being Lenin's successor. Having rarely met the man, much less photographed with him, Stalin instead had a photo of Lenin doctored with him appearing beside him, as if the two were friends. As Yuri is doctored into the photo seen in-game, it is essentially a doctored photo of a doctored photo.
  • Yuri is somewhat similar to CABAL from the Tiberium Universe. Both were creations from the leader of one of the main factions (USSR's Stalin in Yuri's case or Kane from Nod for CABAL), both of them were very important for their respective faction (Yuri as Romanov's advisor, and CABAL as Nod's AI advisor), both eventually betrayed their creators in a bid to dominate the world and both were eventually destroyed by an alliance between the two original factions from their respective game (the Allies and the Soviets for Yuri, and GDI and Nod for CABAL).
  • In the non-canonical background information of the joke unit Mammoth tank from Red Alert 3, it is mentioned that a malevolent man bent on the subjugation of mankind took control of an Allied "temportal" into the prehistoric age, trapped both Allied and Soviet forces in the past, and sent hordes of prehistoric creatures to slaughter them. While not outright stated, that man is clearly Yuri, referencing the Soviet ending of Yuri's Revenge where he was trapped in the age of dinosaurs.
  • the Hebrew letters "רוי", from left to right, are "yod", "vav", "resh", roughly spelling out "YUR". However, Hebrew is written from right to left, so the letters should be reversed to "יור". Also, to get Yuri's full name spelled in Hebrew, it should be "יורי" ("yod", "vav", "resh", "yod").


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