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For other uses, see Yuri.

In Red Alert 2, Yuri Prime is a stolen-tech unit which can be unlocked when a spy infiltrates a Soviet battle lab and the commander owns a Soviet barracks.

Yuri Prime himself is simply a much more powerful version of the Psi-Corps trooper. In Yuri's Revenge, the unit was changed and given the role of the standard commando unit of Yuri's Army.

Game unit[]

Yuri Prime is a potentially powerful force on the battlefield, with the ability to mind-control most units from a very long distance. His mind-control ability outranges those of most defensive structures and siege units and can thereby cause considerable havoc in the enemy camp without endangering himself. However, like all mind-control units, he is vulnerable to aircraft and units immune to mind control such as attack dogs and terror drones. Unless he is attacked, he also does not mind-control when possible and needs to be given a direct order to control enemy units in order to do so.

Yuri Prime is a commando unit, which usually means only one can exist on the battlefield at a time, although two may be produced with a cloning vat.

Yuri Prime shares his voice line set with the Psi-Corps trooper.



English and German versions share the same cameos.

English French Korean Chinese
CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Cameo CNCRA2 Yuri Prime French Cameo CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Korean Cameo CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Chinese Cameo
CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Veteran Cameo CNCRA2 Yuri Prime French Veteran Cameo CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Korean Veteran Cameo CNCRA2 Yuri Prime Chinese Veteran Cameo


  • Yuri Prime is surprisingly not walking, but levitating above the ground. However, he is unable to cross water.
  • An exploit present in earlier versions of Red Alert 2 involved sending the unit into a hospital and when he emerged, another unit would be created at the cloning vat. This enabled unlimited access to Yuri Prime, or any other infantry unit for that matter. This was fixed in patch 1.004.

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