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This article is about the Yuri's Revenge hero unit. For other uses of "Yuri", see Yuri.
There is only one true Yuri.
- Yuri Prime, announcing his arrival
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Yuri himself appears in game as Yuri Prime. He fills the role as the commando for his unique faction, similar to Tanya for the Allies or Boris for the Soviet Union in Yuri's Revenge.


Yuri Prime is a significantly more powerful version of the Yuri clone in that he can mind control enemy units and most structures. These exclude garrisonable buildings, tech buildings, superweapons, and faction-specific economy-supporting buildings (ore purifier, Industrial Plant, cloning vat). He can control an empty tank bunker or the tank inside it, but not both simultaneously.

A controlled building can be ordered to attack (if a turret), if needed. Moreover, any controlled building can be sold, effectively destroying it and, to add insult to injury, giving funds and units to Yuri's side. When unopposed, Yuri can desolate enemy bases even faster than other commando units.

He can also cross water thanks to his floating platform. His version of the psychic blast has a longer range, faster recharge time, and it can damage vehicles. This helps him deal with attack dogs, terror drones, war miners, and other threats more quickly and safely.

Like Yuri clones, Yuri Prime also can auto-detect and mind-control a disguised spy, with the sole exception if the spy disguises himself as a Yuri Prime.

Only one Yuri Prime may be trained from the barracks, although two can be produced if a cloning vat is built.



  • Can mind control units and structures (including defenses). He can also mind-control friendly structures by force.
  • Amphibious
  • Psychic blast has more range, can damage vehicles and immobilizes him for a shorter while than Yuri clones.
  • Can not be bitten by attack dogs.
  • Amphibious.



There is only one true Yuri
- When arrival
I'm here
- When selected
You disturb me?
- When selected
You will learn from me
- When selected
Be of one mind
- When selected
Your orders - my ideas
- When selected
Yes, my exquisite mind
- When selected
Your thoughts are mine
- When moving
Most unimaginative
- When moving
You will move me there
- When moving
Yes, I know
- When moving
I have taught you well
- When moving
A trivial matter
- When moving
I've seen this already
- When moving
He will be ours
- When ordered to attack
I bring you peace
- When ordered to attack
I foresaw this need
- When ordered to attack
He will listen
- When ordered to attack
He shall serve me well
- When ordered to attack
Another pawn joins us
- When ordered to attack
Come to Yuri
- When ordered to attack
I sense trouble
- Under fire
This could be a problem
- Under fire
I did not foresee this
- Under fire
I cannot be overcome
- When an enemy tries to mind control him
I am my own master, always
- When an enemy tries to mind control him
A pathetic attempt
- When an enemy tries to mind control him
Fool, you can't control me
- When an enemy tries to mind control him


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  • Yuri Prime is voiced by Udo Kier the actor who is also playing Yuri in the cutscenes.
  • Interestingly, Yuri Prime can be killed by psychic blasts from Yuri Clones, but Yuri Prime's blast cannot kill clones.
  • A glitch regarding Yuri Prime existed in Yuri's Revenge version 1.000. If he was to capture a construction yard, it would disappear, and Yuri Prime would be killed if it was packing to an MCV. This was fixed in patch 1.001 by forbidding mind-controlled construction yards from packing and MCVs from unpacking.
  • Also, as of patch 1.001, his psychic blast can no longer harm friendly units
  • This Yuri Prime does not overwrite the old sprite of the original Yuri Prime. If the player removes the label "Image=YURIX" in the rulesmd.ini file, the Yuri Prime sprite from Red Alert 2 will be shown, until the change is reverted.
  • Yuri Prime is the only commando unit in the Command & Conquer series which does not make an appearance in the campaign.
  • In the official Polish manual for Yuri's Revenge, Yuri Prime is refered to as "Superjurij" which literally translates to "Super Yuri".
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