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The Yuri statues are Yuri's defensive structures deployed all over his secret island to defend from Soviet attacks to his Submarine pen.


While the statues seem harmless, they can fire powerful laser beams from their "mouths" onto any ground infantry and vehicles. Infantry will melt within only a few shots, while tanks can withstand much more punishment. Unlike the Floating Disc, which also possesses the ability to fire similar laser beams, the statues cannot fire at air units, making them vulnerable to Kirov airships and dreadnought missiles.


Only appear in the Soviet mission Escape Velocity, the statues use the same weapons as the Allied Prism tower. They also can be captured by engineers, as long as they are not killed by the beam. An effective strategy to achieve this is to let a heavier unit, like an Apocalypse tank, take the shots while a Flak track deploys an engineer right next to it.

Like most campaign-only elements, they are available to be placed in skirmish/multiplayer maps in the map editor.


Strangely, the two statues guarding the bay that houses Yuri's submarine pen are the only ones that cannot be captured, despite there being room to deploy an engineer via an amphibious transport.

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