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The Battle Lab was an improved Tech Center, allowing commanders to pursue the research and development of advanced units and structures. It could preform computer simulations allowing much better theorizing of possible technological developments involving warfare. It cost $2000 to build one and required a fair amount of power. The units that it researched and developed for were given upgrades and more parts.

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Battle Labs also could create a Force Field on any building, although it channeled these fields through the bases power system which would leave the base without power for a short time thus this was usually a last resort, usually only used to defend against superweapons.

Yuri Battle Lab

Yuri's Battle Lab provided parts for:


A Battle Lab holds large amount of data regarding a faction's technological research. If a spy can infiltrate a Battle Lab, he is able to extract some of that data, giving the commander access to a new unit which utilised a fusion of both sides' technology.

The only units acquired when a spy infiltrates a Yuri Battle Lab is:

Psychic Commando (Psychic Dominator Disaster):

  • Requires any Barracks. Gain control of a Spy to infiltrate a Yuri Battle Lab.


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