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Are you my friend?
- Yuriko Omega exiting the Instant dojo

Recent reports reveal that the Empire's Psionic commando unit is a psychic warrior codenamed Yuriko Omega. Records of her origins are either highly classified or may not even exist.

Intel suggests that Yuriko was the sole survivor of a brutal program - the Omega Program, to be precise - held in the Shiro Sanitarium, a private military firm that seeks to decrease the Empire's reliance on high technology with a literally living weapon. It is unknown what effect the Sanitarium's program had on Yuriko's mental state, though she appears dehumanized. Whatever occurred, Yuriko possesses immense power; not fully understood by science.

It has been reported that Yuriko is capable of levitating infantry and vehicles into the air before ripping them apart with her psionic powers, as well as instantly destroying any aircraft by sending them crashing into the ground


I knew it would come to this.
- Yuriko

According to some sources, Yuriko's real name was Yuriko Matsui, and she was born in the coastal town of Tanabe, Wakayama. She exhibited psionic potential ever since her childhood (such as once psycho-kinetically lifting a cat at home) and was shunned by her peers because of it. Her abilities made her the ideal candidate for the Empire's psionic research programs, therefore, she and her "sister", Izumi, were taken away to the Shiro Sanitarium by Dr. Shinji Shimada so he could exploit her psionic talent in the Omega Program, hence her military codename "Omega". She was dehumanized by the traumatic training process - to quote Brenda Snow, News 3 Anchorwoman, "she was never the same again".[1]

Before the Third World War began, Yuriko was imprisoned in the Shiro Sanitarium, kept in a straitjacket and without her levitating power. She was telepathically awakened in her cell by Izumi, who somehow managed to unlock her cell. Yuriko left her cell, and began accessing computer terminals throughout the facility, learning about her psionic talents (which the scientists there tried to suppress).

Using her newfound powers, she managed to defeat the Imperial forces guarding the facility and reach the exit of the sanitarium. Unfortunately, just as she was about to escape, a team of Rocket Angels disabled her with their Paralysis whips, and she was overwhelmed by Imperial Warriors. She was returned to her cell, and the Imperial scientists continued their experiments on her, eventually creating a small army of Yuriko clones with similar, albeit weaker, versions of her abilities.

Deployment history[]

Main article: Yuriko Omega/Profile

After her attempted escape, which caused billions of yen worth of collateral damage, the Imperial Shogunate considered the Omega Program successful due to the destructive powers she demonstrated. As a result, Yuriko was given the codename "Omega" and a psychic dampener that controlled her temper. Yuriko and her clones were deployed in many battles during the Third World War, and were nearly unstoppable on the battlefield.

The Allies first learned of the existence of "Yuriko Omega" when an elite school of Allied dolphins patrolling off the coast of Kyushu discovered her. Only one returned, visibly shaken, with a smattering of reportedly "unwatchable" recorded evidence of this woman's destructive power. It was estimated that Yuriko has the combat potential of an entire military company, there was even an incident during which Yuriko (or possibly one of her clones) wiped out an entire Allied military company sent to probe her abilities, including, but not limited to: ten peacekeepers, six javelin soldiers, four guardian tanks, three cryocopters, two assault destroyers, and an aircraft carrier.

At first, Allied analysts believed that Yuriko was a unique individual in the Imperial military, rather than a member of a group. And reports that there existed carbon-copied "clones" of her were simply dismissed. However, this was proven false, as recon images of the Imperial Ultimate Weapon, the Psionic Decimator, shows that the pods around the weapon, apparently its source of psionic power, each contain what appears to be a clone of Yuriko.

During the Allies' final assault on Tokyo Harbour, the Allied Commander and Lissette Hanley encountered a Yuriko clone. She proved to be a dangerous foe, but was ultimately killed during battle. The real Yuriko was found underneath the rubble of the Imperial Palace, and was taken into Allied custody.

The Uprising[]

See what you've done?!!!
- Yuriko, losing her temper

Apprehended and sentenced to cryo-containment in an Allied detention facility, Detention Camp Dakota, Yuriko was telepathically awoken once again by Izumi after months of imprisonment. Izumi tells her that Doctor Shimada was responsible for all her suffering, and that he must pay for his crimes. Enraged, Yuriko broke free from her cryo-containment, setting all other prisoners in the detention facility free, and made her way out to sea in order to escape back to the Empire, destroying two Allied carrier strike groups sent to intercept her in the process.

In the end, Yuriko returned to the re-constructed Shiro Sanitarium, the very place that created her, to find and kill Shimada and free Izumi. Imperial forces had anticipated her return, and heavily fortified the entire facility, even setting up Psionic inhibitors specifically designed to nullify her abilities at key checkpoints. However, Yuriko destroyed everything the security forces threw at her, and discovered Izumi trapped within a Nanoswarm barrier.

In a last ditch attempt to stop Yuriko, Shimada attempted to reason with her, telling her that both her and Izumi crave power, and that he was the only one who could protect her. However, Yuriko simply ignored him and destroyed the final defenders of the facility: two Giga-Fortresses. Shimada's death followed soon after, and Izumi was freed from imprisonment.

All was not as it seems, though, as Izumi, jealous of Yuriko's powers, turned on her sister, resulting in an all-out psionic battle between the two sisters. In the end, Yuriko killed Izumi and her Shinobis after a fierce battle, and the Shiro Psychic Research was destroyed once again.

I've been through Hell to find you!
- Yuriko, after defeating her sister Izumi


After the death of her sister and the destruction of the Shiro Sanitarium, Yuriko escapes to the surface and silently gazes at the nighttime landscape of Tokyo. There's only one question left unanswered in her powerful mind:

What do I do now?
- Yuriko, after the destruction of Shiro Sanitarium


Red Alert 3[]

RA3 Psychokinetic Burst Icons

RA3U Psychokinetic Burst Icons
Psychokinetic Burst Yuriko has the ability to unleash a burst of raw psionic power which knocks down and instantly kills all nearby enemy infantry (stuns vehicles and structures in Uprising during her campaign). Her standard attack causes infantry to swell up like balloons and burst and quickly tears vehicles apart, though she can only attack one target at a time with it.


Psychic Domination[]

Psychic domination

RA3U Psychic Domination 2 Icons

RA3U Psychic Domination 3 Icons
Psychic Domination Takes over the minds of infantry, including Rocket Angels, and turns them to her side.

Psionic Shield[]

Psionic shield

Psionic shield ii

Psionic shield iii
Psionic Shield Deflects all attacks on Yuriko back at the offending unit(s). However, it can only maintain itself for a short time, and will disappear eventually.

Psionic Slam[]

Telekinetic slam

Telekinetic slam ii

Telekinetic slam iii
Psionic Slam Picks up objects like tables, boxes, or her enemies, and throw them around (which usually results in death). She can make vehicles smash into each other and destroy them. She can also throw infantry at opposing forces, even ones under her control.

She must stand still in order to use this ability - she cannot carry an object with her to use as "ammunition."

Powers and Abilities/Weakness[]

Who is this young girl? Where did she come from and how did she develop these fearsome and fantastic abilities?
- Brenda Snow talking about Yuriko


It's my turn!
- Yuriko, turning the tables on her aggressors

Being the end result of the program held at the Shiro Sanitarium, Yuriko is an exceptionally powerful psychic, and possesses many powerful psionic abilities. For example, she can lift any ground unit into the air and rip it to shreds in seconds. She can also instantly bring down any aircraft. If outnumbered, her Psychokinetic Burst ability can instantly kill any enemy infantry in the vicinity, and does not harm friendly infantry.


Why do they always want to hurt me?
- Yuriko under attack

Her Psychokinetic Burst ability; while powerful, takes a very long time to recharge. More detrimental to its ability, however, is the burst's short range: the blast has a maximum effective radius shorter than a Conscript's range. This factor renders continuous attack with massive infantry killer/s like Terror Drones or Shinobi quite effective.

Powerful base defenses, such as Tesla Coils, Spectrum Towers and Wave-Force towers are highly effective against Yuriko.

Yuriko can target only a single foe at once, and requires a certain period of time to destroy the enemy (unlike Tanya and Natasha, both of which destroy infantry almost instantly). This time does not vary with the strength of the unit, meaning that a Mirage Tank will take as long to destroy as a Peacekeeper. For this reason Yuriko is relatively ineffective at destroying large numbers of small, inexpensive targets such as infantry or Terror Drones.


Selected Quotes[]


I've been kept here like an animal… I just have to bring this place to the ground.
- The Traceless Massacre
Shimada can wait… I have to tear this place apart first.
- The Traceless Massacre, right after being freed
I should free all the prisoners. They know what it's like…
- The Traceless Massacre
These lasers hit hard, I need to use my Psionic Shield.
- The Traceless Massacre, After being hit by the Spectrum Towers
Is that one of the Soviet Desolator Troopers? He might come in handy.
- The Traceless Massacre, noticing the frozen Desolator Trooper
Wait, so most of these guys are just FutureTech's hired guns? The Allies are just buying their military muscle now?
- The Traceless Massacre, After recovering data from a computer terminal
Allied propaganda demonizing the Crown Prince Tatsu, If not for the Prince, I might never have been born… for better or worse.
- The Traceless Massacre, After recovering data from a computer terminal
I'm finished here. It's time to return to the Empire of the Rising Sun, I've gotta score to settle.
- The Traceless Massacre, After sinking the Allied carrier strike group sent to intercept her
Izumi, I'm coming!
- Ruin and Reunion, While entering the Sanitarium
He's blowing up the elevator… I need to find another one.
- Ruin and Reunion, when first elevator is destroyed
Shimada! I'll kill you! And bring down this entire facility!
- Ruin and Reunion, attacking to Dr. Shimada
After all I've done for you!
- Ruin and Reunion, fighting against Izumi


  • Are you my friend?


  • They fear me yet!
  • My name is Yuriko
  • They'll all pay!
  • Now look at me…
  • They underestimate my power!
  • They don't know what it's like…
  • Who needs friends!


  • Where is everybody?
  • My mind is made up!
  • Anywhere but here…
  • I'm not some freak!
  • Does it matter?
  • I'm above them!
  • Is it time for recess?

Garrisoning Structure[]

  • I need my time alone!
  • I'll be in my room!
  • I'm going in there!


  • It's my turn!
  • They asked for this!
  • That's enough!
  • You!
  • 許せない!(Yurusenai!, Japanese for "Unforgivable!")
  • 殺す!(Korosu!, Japanese for "Kill!")

Use Psychokinetic Burst[]

  • Go away!
  • Die!
  • 殺す!(Korosu!, Japanese for "Kill!")

Move to Attack[]

  • They will suffer!
  • Will they play with me?
  • Let's see what they have to say!
  • They won't bother us anymore!
  • They are nobody!
  • I hate them!
  • My mind is made UP!

In Combat[]

  • They will all be destroyed!
  • They brought this upon themselves!
  • I knew it would come to this
  • See what you've done?!!!
  • Don't come near me!
  • Hihihi...!

Under Fire[]

  • They try to stop me!
  • Get away from me!
  • You think you can hurt me?
  • ばかやろう!(Baka yarō!, Japanese for "Stupid bastard!")
  • Why do they always want to hurt me!

Low on health[]

  • Agh! I'm losing my strength
  • I'm hurt!
  • Please, make them stop!
  • I'm bleeding!

Behind the scenes[]

  • Yuriko is voiced by Lisa Tamashiro.
  • The fact that clones of Yuriko exist was first hinted at in her official profile on the (now-defunct) Red Alert 3 official website, which suspiciously states that "There is no compelling reason to believe that carbon-copied 'clones' of her exist".
  • According to a pre-release developer interview[3], her name was originally "Alexis", an unusual choice given her Japanese nationality.
    • This possibly has to do with the fact that the third faction in Red Alert 3 was originally the Swiss Army in a very early draft. [4]


My name is Yuriko.
- Yuriko, reporting for duty
  • It is of note that the suffix "-ko" (子) in the name Yuriko denotes "child" in Japanese(Yuri-ko, 百合子, "daughter of Yuri"), referencing a possible connection to fellow psychic commando Yuri from the second game. However, any actual relation between the two has been denied by EALA during production of Uprising. That aside, Yuriko is a relatively common name in Japan (translating, roughly, to "Daughter of the Lillies"), and its use is likely purely symbolic.
  • The Soviet Badger bombers can be brought down by her if she is garrisoned. She can also bring down the Allied Artemis bombers if she is out of the way.
  • In Red Alert 3, her Psychokinetic burst ability looks like an Empire national flag, while in Uprising, her Psychokinetic burst looks like a growing shield.
    • The original Yuriko can temporarily disable nearby vehicles with her Psychokinetic burst in Uprising's Yuriko campaign. Her clones, however, do not possess this ability.
  • She is the first and only commando in the entire Command & Conquer franchise capable of attacking air units.
  • If Yuriko attacks a jumping unit, like Sickle, Reaper, Cryo Legionnaire or Dolphin, the unit will be dragged down to death.



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