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The skies are clear!
- ZOCOM Orca

The ZOCOM Orca is an anti-ground aircraft used by ZOCOM in Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath.


A variant of the Orca attack aircraft, the ZOCOM Orca was armed with sonic shells instead of rockets,[1] presumably to assist with ZOCOM's Tiberium abatement operations. Due to the inherent danger of operating aircraft in Red Zones, the ZOCOM Orca could be upgraded with ceramic armor for increased protection.[2]

Game unit

Unlike the standard rockets used by the Orca, sonic shells have a decent area of effect and can cause massive and sometimes lethal damage to infantry and ground vehicles. However, just like regular Orcas, they are completely defenseless against enemy aircraft. Meaning they have to be protected by AA units. They also cost 400 credits more than a regular Orca.

The ZOCOM Orca shares its voice set with the standard Orca.





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