Zaire, officially the Republic of Zaire, is a country in the middle of Africa. The Brotherhood of Nod captured the country after their Central Africa theft of an ORCA Assault Craft as the Global Defense Initiative decided to make a three-pronged offensive across Africa's central region. During the First Tiberium War between peacekeeping and terrorism, its real name is the Democractic Republic of the Congo.

First Tiberium War

The Zairian President and his soldiers joined the Brotherhood of Nod for help after Kane sends his Nod Commander straight over to Zaire for a mission there. The objective was to capture GDI's base to use weaponry for Zaire's forces and destroy GDI forever. Without notice, GDI established an offensive in Zaire and put up government members as new leaders of the entire country without harm. The two GDI Commanders were alerted to the Nod presence and the fight had started, but when the weaponry between the Global Defense Initiative and themselves were too high to encounter, the Brotherhood pushed through into an open space and destroyed GDI's Construction Yard killing both Commanders in Lodja and Kinshasa as the President of his country overthrew the new leaders and placed himself in it. The Nod Commander won and was sent back to Egypt to deal with an offensive up there from his common enemy, GDI.

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