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The Zone Lancer is GDI's laser-bearing infantryman who is a true threat to heavy armor, and can target aircraft like much of the current generation of technology. It excells at killing heavy armor such as the Nod Widow, but it has difficulty against other infantry and light armor. It is vulnerable to gun-based attacks, such as enemy Devout.

The Zone Lancer can also deploy into a laser platform, increasing range and armor.[1]



  • Lancer ready for deployment!


  • Lancer platform ready!
  • Good to go!
  • How's it going command?!
  • Need anything!
  • Got the heavy for us?!
  • Stay focus!
  • Keep your ears up!
  • The gears are ready!


  • Let's cruise it!
  • No sweat!
  • On it!
  • Alright!
  • Moving!
  • Lancer on the move!
  • Copy!
  • Confirm!
  • Let's keep it down!
  • Taking position!

Garrisoning Structure

  • Yes sir, fort and cover!
  • Rendevous confirm!
  • Garrison is ours!


  • Do it!
  • One more!
  • He'll go down!
  • Comin' up!
  • Setting target!
  • Adjusting!
  • Just a little tweak!

Move to Attack

  • Movin' to range guys!
  • He's marked!
  • Just let us get closer!
  • Got it, movin' in!
  • I can take 'em!
  • Bingo!

In Combat

  • Fully focused!
  • Got this one!
  • Targetting!
  • Almost there!
  • Steady!
  • Zero-ing in!

Under Attack

  • Lancer under attack!
  • I'm in too close!
  • They're on me!
  • They've got me pinned!
  • I don't like this!
  • I'm getting in deep over here!


  • Put some distance between them!
  • Lancer pulling back sir!
  • Sounds good to me!



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