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Zone Operations Command (ZOCOM)

Elite task force specialized in Red Zone operations


C. Elena Renteria


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Specialized military branch of the Global Defense Initiative


Third Tiberium War



Their fanatical devotion to driving Tiberium from the Earth renders them antithetical to all that Nod stands for—all that we are. ZOCOM are a blasphemy, a threat beyond even that of their taskmasters.
- Kane

Zone Operations Command (ZOCOM) is a high-tech special task force within the Global Defense Initiative, founded by C. Elena Renteria, one of GDI's first female generals. Specialized for prolonged operations inside Red Zones, ZOCOM's objective is the aggressive reclamation of Earth's surface from Tiberium infestation. As such, the unit has been outfitted with the most advanced harmonic resonance weaponry and Tiberium-inhibiting armor plating which GDI possesses. Because of the dangers from Nod or Mutant separatist groups, ZOCOM is both the reclamation effort itself and its own military escort, rolled into a single elite GDI battalion.

Due to the severe risk inherent in their mission, extreme physical and psychological training is required before ZOCOM personnel can be cleared for duty within the world's most Tiberium-saturated environments. The troops of the famed ZOCOM unit are thus among the most battle-hardened and well-trained soldiers within the Global Defense Initiative. Because of the strategic importance of their objective, ZOCOM is granted a high degree of autonomy compared to GDI's other branches, and the unit's forces are among the most steadfast encountered on any battlefield. 


Zone Shatterer

The Zone Shatterer

Due to the critical importance of their objective, the ZOCOM task force has an exclusive access to units and technologies which represent the most advanced harmonic resonance-based weapons to currently exist. Because of the nature of these Red Zone operations, the elite GDI battalion does not deploy Railguns nor do they field Juggernauts. Rather, ZOCOM trades GDI's standard armored superiority for extremely powerful area-of-effect sonic weapons systems, supported by infantry which is outfitted with the most Tiberium-resistant armor plating available.

ZOCOM's air force, symbolized by the ZOCOM Orca, is specialized in carpet bombing entire Tiberium fields and large Tiberium crystalline structures with heavy sonic pulses. The unit's highly mobile Zone Shatterer vehicles and heavy infantry, the Zone Raiders, are then sent in to clear all debris of Tiberium crystals with "lighter" versions of this sonic weaponry. Due to the sheer destructive potential of their advanced harmonic resonance technology, ZOCOM's operating procedure is known to be nearly as effective against live enemy forces as it is against stationary Tiberium deposits.

And that's not yet mentioning... ZOCOM's MARV.

Unique Units

This upgraded Zone Trooper uses new powered armor, and is armed with a sonic grenade launcher and shoulder-mounted anti-air rocket launcher packs.
An upgraded version of the Shatterer, and is now capable of firing an extremely powerful sonic blast. This causes devastating damage, but renderers the Zone Shatterer inoperable for several seconds.
Variation of the normal Harvester, armed with rocket launchers instead of the basic anti-infantry gun.
A variant of the Orca Mk. III armed with sonic grenade launchers instead of rockets. Can be upgraded with Ceramic Armor. However, it is lot more expensive than its main GDI faction counterpart, while its attack is inaccurate and requires manual targetting for best results.
The ZOCOM MARV is arguably the best epic unit in Kane's Wrath, as Zone Raider garrisoning renders it extremely powerful vs virtually any other ground unit.

Exclusive Upgrades

A powerful upgrade to the composite armor of the other GDI factions, TIberium field suits will provide ZOCOM's infantry with additional health, resistance to Tiberium-based weapons and complete immunity to Tiberium exposure.
A highly advanced armor plating designed to make ZOCOM's aircraft resistant to the immense Ion Storms raging across Red Zones, Ceramic armour will vastly improve the health of all aircraft used by the elite task force.


  • The logos used by Steel Talons and ZOCOM in Kane's Wrath were originally made for vanilla GDI in 1999 for Tiberian Sun. However, the ZOCOM logo was considered a favourite in EALA when Tiberium Wars was under development, and certain renders such as the pre-release Predator tank used this logo as the GDI one. The Steel Talons logo was not given much attention, as the vanilla GDI logo from Tiberian Sun can be given simply by flipping the Steel Talons logo horizontally.
  • ZOCOM's name is most likely based on the name of the real-life United States Special Operations Command, or SOCOM.
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