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We can handle it!
- Zone Raider

Zone raiders are an elite GDI infantry class, utilising a heavily modified variant of the standard zone armour. These women have short range lasers that are capable of tackling heavy type tanks and aircraft and, when up against buildings, will throw small explosives periodically along with their standard laser.


Although the previous-generation zone raider was quite effective, it was evolved to fit the next generation of warfare, and received an overhaul by GDI. Most of them are still women, as a footnote, and can be seen doing ballet moves while idle.


Like their predecessors, zone raiders can target air and ground targets. However, unlike their predecessors, they do not carry sonic grenade launchers or rocket pods, instead using a high-powered cutting laser and sonic detonators to destroy enemy units and buildings respectively. This combination of laser and blast attacks makes them a danger to any heavily armoured unit or enemy structures. However, like all Zone Armor of the day, they are considered 'lightly armored', and thus are vulnerable to gun-based weaponry such as the Devout's chain gun(s) or Raider machine guns. In addition to that, their lasers are highly inefficient against enemy infantry.

Their armor is often retrofitted with Assault Packs, returning Jump Jets to their repertoire. They can also be given Medical Training, allowing them to heal themselves while garrisoned.

An achievement can be earned if the player used a single Raider to destroy several structures.




  • Raider here, where do you need me?


  • Raider checking in!
  • Zone Raider suited up!
  • Get me in close!
  • Yes, sir?
  • What's my target?
  • Commander?
  • I read you!


  • Affirmative!
  • Raider copy!
  • Understood.
  • Waypoint set!
  • Mobile.
  • En route!
  • Copy that!
  • Check!
  • Taking position!

Garrisoning structure[]

  • Digging in.
  • Marked for garrison.
  • It's ours.


  • That one? No problem.
  • Eliminating!
  • Got him.
  • Taking it out!
  • Firing!
  • In range!
  • Target marked!

Attacking light unit[]

  • May not be too effective.
  • Laser's better at the larger ones.
  • This may take some extra shots.

Moving to attack[]

  • Closing in!
  • Enemy in sight!
  • Engaging target!
  • Raider going in!
  • Approaching target!
  • Hostiles identified!

In combat[]

  • Laser active!
  • Engaged, sir!
  • Do you have a new target?
  • Got this under control!
  • In combat!

Under fire[]

  • I've got hostiles!
  • We've encountered resistance!
  • They won't get away with this!
  • Taking fire, sir!
  • We've got contact!


  • Pull back!
  • Disengage!
  • Heading for cover!


  • The Zone Raider and the Zone Enforcer are the only infantry units whose appearance do not change after the Assault packs upgrade. Despite already having jump jets, they cannot use them until the upgrade is purchased.
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