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We can handle it!
- Zone Raider

Zone raiders were elite infantry available exclusively to the ZOCOM subfaction of GDI in Kane's Wrath.


Sleek, agile and heavily-armored, the Zone Raider was initially intended to function as a lighter, speedier anti-air counterpart to GDI's bulky Zone Trooper elite infantry unit. With the establishment of ZOCOM, the Zone Raider's role evolved into that of a a first response Red Zone scouting unit [1].

As members of the elite ZOCOM division of GDI, the ZOCOM Zone Raiders are often deployed into the devastated and highly toxic Red Zone areas. As such, the Zone Raider is equipped to handle any threat or obstacle on the battlefield – be it enemy combatant, virulent Tberium spread, or simply a pathway blocked by the destruction. Zone Raiders are armed with rocket-propelled sonic grenades to clear out encroaching Tiberium, and shoulder-mounted missile launchers to deal with potential threats from above[2].


CNCTW Jetpacks Cameo.png
Jetpack Allow Zone Raider to take flight, clearing large amounts of terrain in a single jump to land at a targeted destination. This activated ability has a 10 second cooldown (Ctrl+S).
Call for transport Calls in a V-35 Ox to carry the Zone Raider anywhere on the map (Ctrl+A).


CNCTW Scanner Packs Cameo.png
Scanner Packs Provides Zone Raider with a 20% range and line of sight bonus while also allowing them to detect stealth (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at any Command Post for $500 and takes 0:15 to research.
CNCTW Power Packs Cameo.png
Power Packs Makes Zone Raider considerably more durable by adding 50% more hit points and also confers self-healing (Ctrl+D). Purchasable at any Armory for $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.

Game unit

Zone Raiders replace the traditional Zone Troopers for ZOCOM. Unlike the railguns of Zone Troopers, their sonic grenades deal splash damage, making them more effective than infantry, but less effective against heavily armored units. The zone raiders should still avoid black hand due to their tougher armor and powerful flamethrowers.

Their anti-air rockets have extremely slow rates of fire, making them very ineffective against enemy aircraft. So it is highly inadvisable to engage enemy aircraft with Zone Raiders unless they are garrisoned.

When garrisoned inside Hammerheads or MARVs, they become extremely deadly to nearly all ground units. And in the Hammerhead's case, even grants limited anti-air capabilities.



When created

  • Zone Raider!
  • Ready for service!
  • Up and at 'em!

When selected

  • At your service!
  • Let's get in there!
  • Raider squad ready!
  • Ready for Zone ops!
  • Yeah, what you want?

When moving

  • Let's get going!
  • Raiders on the move!
  • Run silent!
  • Sure thing!
  • You got it, pal!

When using jump jets

  • Mark!
  • Jump jet engage!
  • Let do it!
  • Punch it!

When garrisoning a structure

  • Going in!
  • Inside, let go!
  • Let's get in there!

When ordered to attack

  • Engaging!
  • High alert!
  • Watch your six!

When attacking

  • Break 'em down!
  • Let's clean up this place!
  • Take 'em out!
  • Target acquired!
  • Targeting sonics!

In combat

  • Holding steady!
  • This won't last long!
  • We can handle it!
  • Let's mop 'em up!

When retreating

  • Retreating!
  • RTB!
  • Beginning tactical retreat!
  • If you say so!

When suppressed

  • Down!
  • Cover, cover!
  • Watch out!


Idle animations

  • A zone raider does a one-armed push-up, similar to the commando.
  • A zone raider will beat her chest with one arm.
  • A zone raider will kneel.


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