Zone troopers lead the charge

- Zone Trooper when leaving Tech Lab .

Zone troopers are an epic GDI tech infantry squad unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

It is a GDI equivalent to Nod's Cyborgs


Zone Troopers are elite GDI infantry clad in XO-95 power armor. This armor enables Zone Troopers to accurately wield heavy rail guns and will automatically deliver first aid to them over time.

Game Unit

Zone troopers is a heavy hitting infantry squad that are effective against both aircraft and vehicles, and have the highest damage per second stats in the whole GDI arsenal, at least when the squad has both members.

The only weakness being mid to high tier infantry, like Flame Trooper  and Confessor. They can also be countered by a swarm of Cyberwheels or Militants, but in the late game the the population cap is at premium and fielding two or three units against one might be impractical.

The self-healing ability means that one Zone troopers should only be attacked if at least one member of the squad will get taken down.

To help counter infantry units, ZTs can be paired up with Sniper team or Wolverine.



  • Does high damage to most types of ground units, especially vehicles
  • Cannot be suppressed or crushed, except by Mammoth Tank
  • Immune to Tiberium radiation
  • Can do self-healing when being rest
  • Troopers' power suits resist most attacks, including Sniper-type damage
  • Take minimal damage from a tank's Cannon-type damage


  • Expensive, 120 cost Tiberium
  • Deal minimal damage to infantry. Not cost-effective against basic infantry units such as militant and riflemen squads.
  • Short attack range
  • Vulnureable to T2 anti-infantry like Shockwave or Flame Troopers
  • Vulnureable to anti-infantry vehicle like DisruptorShatterer or Flame Tank
  • Ineffective against heavily armoured structures like Kane's Obelisk of Light
  • Fall easily to flame-based weapons and small-arms fire
  • Slow moving when isn't buffed by Col.Jackson's Heroic Charge ability


When Created

  • Zone troopers lead the charge
  • Troopers in the field

When Selected

  • Armed to the teeth
  • Zone troopers, always ready
  • Drop us in the war zone
  • Reporting

When Moving

  • Boots are moving
  • Moving out
  • Troopers on the move
  • You got it

When Moving to Attack Favorably

  • We've got this
  • Shutting this party down
  • Zone troopers bring the pain
  • Troopers ready to punch through

When Moving to Attack Neutral

  • Troopers acknowledged
  • Following the plan
  • Yes, sir

When Moving to Attack Unfavorably

  • This is gonna be bad
  • Gonna need this suit

When Unable to Attack Target

  • Negative
  • Not possible

When Attacking

  • Get a load of this!
  • Taking em down!
  • Bringing the pain!

When Under Attack

  • Zone is too hot!
  • Receiving a beat down




  • They have jet packs modeled into them like their Tiberium Wars counterparts, but do not appear to use them.
  • Initially had three members per squad.
  • When idle, beats on the chest, stretches arms. Male.


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