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25px-Disambig.png This article is about is the infantry in Tiberium Alliances. For more uses, see Zone trooper.

The Zone troopers are the defensive and offensive anti-vehicle infantry of the GDI. They are however, vulnerable to anti-infantry infantry, vehicles and higher level anti-infantry vehicles.

Game unit

In offensive, as they are capable of withstanding a bit more enemy fire, these units can brave machine guns for a bit longer, and they can pack a powerful punch to destroy vehicles and defences to clear the way for more units in the next wave of attacks. For this mode, the Zone trooper's upgrade is Charge. When it gets hit its speed boosts up, reaching 2-3 spaces ahead with fast speed.

In defensive, the Zone trooper is a strong infantry capable of defending from enemy tanks and infantry all alike. As a defensive unit, the Zone trooper's upgrade is EMP. It is useful for disabling enemy vehicles and preventing anti-infantry vehicles from eliminating Zone Troopers in one on one combat.



TA GDI Zone Charge.png
Charge lets the unit move faster when it gets damaged. Effect is interrupted by main target, base buildings or blocking structures, but can be re-activated.
Costs TA Icon Credits.png 9M TA Icon Research Points.png 18M
Duration 240


TA Research Smoke Grenade.png
EMP attack that disables one vehicle unit temporarily. Less effective against targets with higher level.
Costs TA Icon Credits.png 450M TA Icon Research Points.png 900M
Target Vehicles
Range 150
Duration 500



Charge demonstration

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